Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Full Page Recipe Templates [Free printables]

I've been on a mission for quite some time to find full binder size recipe card templates. It seems to me that a 3 ring binder recipe book is much more efficient than the old school 3x5's.  Don't get me wrong, I love those little things, but they get lost, dirty, wrinkled and torn and you have to write really small or use several cards for longer recipes.

The internet is surprisingly lacking in full page recipe templates. I did find a couple really cute ones but they just didn't fit my vision/my style. And by my vision and style, I mean something with hot pink and very upbeat.

So I took the task on my own, after several frustrating attempts at not having it print correctly, I changed the design a little and now lovers, I decided to share them with you. For FREE! Because everyone loves printables, especially the free ones.

Here are a couple different variations. I figured each person might have a slightly different vision of what they want, or depending on the recipe you may want a modified format. Either way, enjoy!!

More to come, so keep an eye out!


I'm adding 2 more from this series. Do keep checking Mesa's Place because I plan on adding several Household Planner/Binder printables along with some different design variations!

P.S. I also really do plan on adding a lot of the crafts that I've been up to including:

-Fall DIY decorating
-Kiddo cork boards
-Seasonal shadow box
-Kiddo pencil holders/organizers
-Kiddo responsibility chart and reward system

And more.


Anonymous said...

I love these but when I download and print, they come out fuzzy! Please please help!!

Kes Flowers said...

What are u using to make these? I was in a car wreck and lost my job and im losing my mind would love to make stuff ike this

Gwen Milller said...

I love these and want to use them but it looks weird when I try to type because I don't know your font. Could you tell me the font you use so I can make it look more uniform when I type on it?

Martha Little said...

I can't seem to download the Recipe Template you have posted. There is not a link to it.

Renee Bridges said...

Please send link to download!!! Super cute!

Mesa said...

Thanks for the love everyone! To download the templates, just click the image to open, then right click and save the image. When you open it from your computer and go to print, it should print on a full page.

Kristina said...

My Only Dilemma: I love all the styles and can't decide which to use. Thank you for creating these!!

Mary Urban said...

Love this template. Made a recipe binder using it. Thanks for making it!