Friday, August 16, 2013

Itching For Fall

The last week my extreme desire for autumn to arrive has really been kicked into overdrive.  I'm itching to pull out my decorations and deliciously perfect fall candles.  I long for mildly warm days and cool evenings.  For that crisp smell that wafts in with the breeze which unmistakenly announces the season.  For the pumpkin and apple cider flavored everything! There is no doubt the fall is by far my favorite and I love everything about those couple months.

Every year around this time I start to nest.  Not like I'm knocked up nest, but settle in for the 'colder months'.  I start to get my home in order and create a happy and comfortable environment since more time is spent inside during the later seasons.  And I must admit, it is the final 4 months of the year that my home really does feel the most cozy.

I try to start in September, even though there are usually several, if not most, days that are summer-like.  But fall and spring seem to get the short end of the stick in Colorado; we are lucky if we get to experience the season(s) at all.  So I make it happen inside my home, even if the world outside is still running in shorts through sprinklers.

Last fall was the first time in my adult life that I was living in a house, so I went all out!  The decorations and ideas I came up seemed endless!  Fall was September, then of course Halloween decorations were added in October.  November was back to fall but only until Thanksgiving, then BAM! Christmas went up.

I have so many things I want to share about what I found and what I plan to do this year!  So many blog posts that I just never got around to because I was in a weird writer's slump that affected all areas of my writing life (even Facebook statuses... seriously). 

Here are a couple of the pictures I took last year (it's amazing how good they look on a phone and how awful they look on the computer!) and a list of things I want to write about.  Oh the thrifty DIY crafty ideas are already flowing and I can't wait to share!!

  • Fall  Decoration: Indoor decor, vases, outdoor decor, DIY crafts, where to buy for cheaper, etc.
  • Halloween Horror: Indoor decor, vases, outdoor decore, where to buy amazing decorations for cheap, etc.
  • Apple cider cookie recipe
I'm so excited!!

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