Monday, January 23, 2012

All Things Pinterest

I have been completely consumed with Pinterest lately.  I go through phases where I surf the interwebz obsessively looking for artsy fartsy things, activites, cool whatchamacallits, and do hoppers.  StumbleUpon was a pretty great source of all things amazing but then the online cork board showed up and won my heart.

Prior to October 2011, cooking was exhausting because it was only for myself.  I lived alone in a one bedroom apartment with my cat and fish.  Yes, I'd have company sometimes but not often enough to really try a lot of new recipes.  Enter my boyfriend and his 2 kids.  It seems over the last few months I practically live at his house (and will be officially moving in end of April) which has allowed me to flex my love for cooking and baking.  Not only that, but my itch for organization and forms has been happily scratched with meal planning, schedules for when the boys are with us and when they are with their mother, etc.  My arts and craft addiction has been on overdrive as I visit Hobby Lobby or Michael's close to once a week making things that will look great in 'our house' once his roomie is out and I'm in.

I've been blog surfing like a madwoman on a mission, a mission to print/paint/cook/build as much as I can before the zombie apocalypse. (Ha, I don't believe in it but there are a lot of amusing things they have in preparedness.)  I feel like I just.can't.get.enough.  I fell in love with free printables and made myself a household/family planner.  Unbeknownst to my boyfriend, I am preparing for the merging of our lives.  It's going to be difficult because he was married for 10 years and single for the last 1.5.  He is set in his ways and there is no denying that I, too am stubborn.

I hope you come back for everything that I have to offer from the recipes I try or create, to projects, being a step parent (when I'm not even used to being any kind of parent!), free printables, etc.

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