Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pre-packing Next Day Meals

I quickly took these pics last night while getting everything together and posted them on my Beachbody Challenge group wall (Which I plan to talk more about in the future!) in the hopes it could benefit someone else.
"Most of my day I'm driving or at work so I pre-cook and pack a day or 2 in advance (like I'm sure a lot of you do!) While getting things ready last night  I thought I'd show you the system I came up with because I was tired of having to remember random items all over the kitchen. I usually do 2 days worth like pictured.

I pack each day's breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks in a plastic basket and then pop it in the fridge (even the stuff that doesn't need to be cold) The next morning, all I have to do is put a full basket in one of those canvas shopping bags, which I always have equipped with eating utensils, vitamins, etc. and I'm out the door! Once I get to work I can transfer the stuff that needs to stay cold into the fridge, grab my breakfast and start my day."
Another nice feature about this is the ability to just toss the baskets in the dishwasher on the weekend to clean any little spills out that may have occurred.

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